Random post

Have you ever seen an egg with 2 yolks? Well, this is my first time. My mum bought a box of super jumbo eggs home and when she ask me to fry one for her, i got a surprise. Two yolks!! I wonder if those eggs were to hatch, would it hatch twins?

Haha, don't these prawns look yummy? I pan-fried them myself. It's butter garlic prawns. Super nice! It's easy to make. Just cut an opening in the prawns and then stuff a little chopped garlic inside. Then using butter to replace oil to pan-fry.

And lastly, IPHONE!!! But not mine... Hahax! My brother got his friend to buy an IPhone from US for him. It's super cool la, you can watch youtube videos, play games and many more with it. You can even surf the net with it!!!Super cool la!

Okie, i got nothing else to blog le. LOL.
Can't wait for school to start...
12 more days to my birthday too!! Hehe!!


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