Movie Review: Charlie St. Cloud

Be warn! Spoilers ahead!!

Based on the Novel "The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud" by Ben Sherwood, Charlie St. Cloud is the film adaption version with slight difference from the novel.

In the movie, Charlie survived a car crash in which his younger brother, Sam passed away. He blames himself for surviving and when he realized that he could see Sam's ghost, he decided to give up his scholarship, his dream to sail and stayed on as a promise to his brother. Everyday at sunset, they will meet in the woods to practice Baseball which Sam loves.

5 years passed and Charlie has since became the caretaker of the town's cemetery. Other then Sam, he could see others too. People in town all thought his mind went wrong when Sam died.

Then appeared Tess Carroll, high schoolmate of Charlie and she's also a Sailor, one who's ready to join a race to sail the world. Charlie was attracted to her and so was she.

Charlie found her sleeping on her father's tomb in the cemetery one day and saw that she injured her head. He offered to clean it up for her and later they went on a date. Because of this, Charlie was late for Sam and Tess followed after him into the woods. At that point, he chose Sam.

Charlie later realized that Tess was actually missing for 3 days out on the sea where there was a storm. He realized that he had been talking to Tess's ghost! At first he thought that she was dead but a note she wrote during "their date" tells him that she's still alive out there, somewhere!

Now, Charlie has to chose.

The woman he loved and still is alive somewhere out there, or... 

The brother he doted on and loved so much but has since passed away for 5 years? 

Who will he chose? This you have to find out yourself for I have given away too much details already. :P 

I find this movie quite heartwarming and there's a meaning behind it. Choosing between 2 person that you loved so much is really tough even though one is dead and the other alive. It does not helps when you survived from the accident that your loved one died from. As the movie poster said, Life is for living. Since we are still living, we should treasure those whom are still around us and put those that had passed on in our hearts. 

Of course, Zac Efron being the main lead is a big plus point to the movie. I'm totally in love with his eyes, it's just beautiful! ;p 

Overall, I rate this movie a 3.5/5. 

And once again, thanks to OMY.SG for the chance to catch this movie! 

Charlie St. Cloud is already out in the theaters!

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  1. I was much moved by
    Charlie St. Cloud
    and by Zac Efron in the title role. It looks like the young man is going out way beyond being a Walt Disney bubblegum poster boy for pubescent young ladies.

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