TPL: Moriko In Action

It had been a long long time since I took my Pinkys out! Hence I decided to bring Moriko out when I head to Lower Seletar Reservoir Park for a casual shoot with my Pen. XD

moriko od1
Say Hi to Moriko~ XD

moriko od2
Who got splashed by water.

moriko od3
Ended up all wet.

moriko od4
She's that tired that she needs to lie down for a rest.

moriko od5
Ahh, much better. (Still wet though.)

moriko od6
Shall rest in the waters. But like not very comfy...

moriko od7
Ah, this is much better~~

moriko od8
Poor Moriko, the things she has to endure for the sake of photography.

moriko bs1
Here's how small she really is~

moriko bs2
And she needs to be dry thoroughly to the point that she needs to be disembodied. :P

All shots above taken by me. Slight editing using curves in PS.

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