TPL: Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

Headed down to Lower Seletar Reservoir Park about 2 weeks ago for some casual shooting with my Pen. XD

There were still decorations left from the Mid-Autumn Festival when we went there. Hence you can see lanterns around.

Look at the clouds~

Cross Process, similar angle but different feel.

The clouds were awesome that day!

Cross Process.
The other side.

Red Lanterns 1
Red Lanterns. Cross Process.

Red Lanterns 3
Red Lanterns. Pin Hole.

Red Lanterns 2
Cross Process. This mode simply makes the colors more unique.

Red Lanterns 4
Normal. Clouds were getting dark.

Some decorations. Pin Hole.

Wild Flowers
They have some pretty flowers around there too! XD

Bread on stile
Spotted a bread lying there, hence took a shot using grainy film.

Pin Wheel 2
Ok, this is the water pin wheel.

Pin Wheel 1
A closer look. You can't really see it turning but the water proves it all.

Pin Wheel 4
Pin Hole.

Pin Wheel 3
Cross Process.
This got to my favorite shot of the day.

Gloomy clouds.

Yellow Slippers
Guess's whose yellow slippers?
(This is the only photo that was much edited.)

Fountain which must be activated. Cross Process. 

I am glad that I finally found time to visit this place which is of walking distance from my house. It's a nice place for shoots and good place to slack! 
The shots of Moriko from my previous post were taken on the same day, same place. I still have some photos from that day in another post which will feature more on me, and my buddies for the day, Don and Ah Long~ So wait for it! XD

All photos are either slightly edited or not touched at all, especially those in art filter modes. XD

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