$500 just flew to me~~

It all happened one fine day when i was shopping with my mum at Tao Payoh...

I received a phone call saying that i was selected as one of the finalist of this particular contest which i have no memory of entering.

I was like ok, i only have to go down to Boon Lay area to sign an agreement, give them some photos and got a chance to win $8,000!!!

So, the voting process started but i did not really 'advertise' myself out there. Haha~
Weijie was nice enough to help me broadcast about it though. XD

I only got a small amount of votes but at least not the less. :P


Anyways, i don't think i deserve to win the 8k too. The dream that i wrote is too small compared to others. :P

Nevertheless, like the others who did not get the 8k, i got $500 consolation prize. XD

I am contented~~~

To me, it's a real surprise to even be selected as the finalist la~~~ XD

The cheque my mum helped me collect today~~~

YAY~~ Just in time for GSS~~~ HAHAHAHAHA~~~~

But no time to shop sia.... :(

Nevermind, can put in bank and earn interest~~ LOL~~


I don't mind if i win another $500~~

*Hint Hint*

Maybe my next blog post will help me in that. XD

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