“Do Singaporeans dress badly?”

“Do Singaporeans dress badly?”

In my opinion, Singaporeans does not dress badly. Instead, I felt that those people who dress badly, are people who follow trends blindly.

There are actually quite a number of people out there who has great dress sense. For an instance, check out Runway City at live journal and you will find many people with great dress sense. You could also pick up a tip or two from there.

Look, Singaporeans like me and my Bro dress decently~XD

I felt that us Singaporeans are greatly affected by the fashion trends from other countries like Japan, Korea, Europe, America, etc...

For example, this outfit is inspired from Japan.
The way girls wear knee length socks there.~~

However, i do not think that in terms of fashion we are better then those of other countries. Due to the very fact that we Singaporeans prefer to follow trends, instead of creating trends. Also, the fact that Singapore is such a warm country also affect the way we dress. Hence, i will say that Singaporeans have it's own unique dress style~ XD

We are also actually quite slow in following trends too.

For an example, leggings. People only started wearing leggings in Singapore when the 'leggings season' in other countries is ending. However, being slow is ok. The main thing is, to wear it right~

*Credits Google for the pictures*

For me i think that leggings are really nice, but do please take note to wear a top that is long enough to cover the butt when you wear leggings. I have seen people wearing leggings as pants and it's not nice at all. Please do cover your butts when you wear leggings...

The next trendy thing was Gladiator shoes/heels.

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Look at these pretty shoes in the pictures~~

Yes, they are really pretty but they are not suitable for all. Especially the long ones. They are for people with skinny legs only~ If your legs are already quite big, don't wear these, they will only make your legs look fatter. If you really want a pair, go for the ones with the least straps possible. However still, my opinion is that Gladiator shoes/heels are for people with skinny legs.

An alternative for us girls with not so skinny legs, i felt that the Oxford Heels/Shoes are a great alternative.

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To me, i felt that Oxford heels are more of a classic fashion item. It can go well with a lot of combinations unlike the gladiators.

The mistakes that quite a number of Singaporeans made is that they like to mix and match all the pieces that are in the trend together and ended up looking like a Christmas tree... No offence, but that is the cruel truth.

To me, simplicity is the key. There are actually a lot of Singaporeans who dress up in either jeans with a nice plain top or shorts with nice plain top. They spice up the whole outfit by wearing complementary accessories.

Not too much and not too plain equals to trendy and nice.

Generally, most Singaporeans have a good dress sense but most of the time, they can't be bothered to dress up unless there is an occasion. Which is why sometimes we could see people wearing too casually at Orchard Road. I admit that i am one such person. I only dress up when there is an occasion or when i felt like dressing up. Else, i will be lazy and just throw on a tee shirt and three quarter pants.

Now, to flip-flops~

Regardless how casually i dress, i will never wear flip flops to Orchard Road. I only wear my flip-flops when i am out at the area in my neighbourhood. However, i think that flip-flops are acceptable as long as you manage to pull off the whole look. However, one thing that i could not accept are Crocs shoes. No offence to people who wear them, but i just don't like them.

*Credits Google for the pictures*

Kids do look cute when they wear them but wearing these to Orchard/Town?? No thanks~ Unless you give me 1k.


Pyjamas is for the comfort of the house only. Or maybe downstairs, opening letterboxes, going to the nearby mama store to get something. Also, costume parties and stuff like that. But please do not wear your PJs out to anywhere further.

*Credits Google for the pictures*

I mean no matter how sloppy you dress, PJs is a no no! PJs are not proper clothes~ So please, do not wear your PJs out to places that is outside the 1km radius of your house.

So, what kind of PJs do i wear? Actually people seldom wear proper PJs these days. It's mostly shorts and a top. For guys, it's might be just a pair of shorts. For me, i actually have 2 kinds. One is the nightgown type of old grandma PJs and the other is the top plus shorts combination.

So the first super unglam picture of me wearing traditional PJs~~

LOL!!! Don't ask me why i have the look on my face. The reason why i post this picture up is that you are not able to see the PJs whole. Haha~~

Next up is the top plus shorts combination that is oh so common nowadays.

If weather is hot, i will wear sleeveless top, else it will be normal oversize tee. Shorts are actually my sec sch shorts~~ XD

I mean, looking at the pictures, i don't look that bad in my PJs... However, i will die die never wear them out of 1 km radius of my house. I will not even step out of the house in the first PJs shown above. LOL~~

Haha, ok this is the end of the post~~ Phew, it's a really long one~ Haha~ But hey i am a girl here and the topic's about dress sense, of course i have quite a lot to say. XD

Hope you all feel that this post is entertaning or maybe useful. XD


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