Went to watch Crackers? by The World Famous. It was the closing ceremony for the Singapore Arts Festival 2009.

This will not be a wordy post at all, it's super image and video heavy. LOL~~ I have enjoyed the performance alot~~ It's the most awesome fireworks that i have ever seen. XD

Hope that you will able to feel the atmosphere through this post. XD

Signs we see when we enter the site~~

Dear Syaq~~

Me~ Haha, super unglam expression~~

She's giving out ear plugs and party poppers~~ Took a party popper~~

This pic onwards will be on the fireworks~~

This is my fav pic out of the batch~~

This is something like Catherine wheel, super cool~~

The 'Human Cracker' left burning at the very end of the show...

Videos Below~~ Enjoy~ Do look through all of them~~ Won't take more then 15 mins of your time. XD

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