Land Of The Lost Movie Review

Thanks to the courtesy of, I got to attend the movie preview of Land Of the Lost yesterday.
When I first saw the movie poster, I thought I am in for an adventure movie full of action.
I was right, it's an adventure full of action.
But I did not expect the comedy part. However, I enjoyed it alot. It been a long time since I laughed so hard thanks to the movie.
The land of the lost, a place that includes the past, present and future. Here's where you can find dinosaurs, lizard man, big blood sucking mosquitoes and dirty minded primates.
Find out what happen when three different individuals landed in the land of lost. See how they were chased after by T-rexs, surrounded by green lizard men with 2 sets of teeths. One good thing is that among them is a scientist, Dr Rick Marshall who's crazy about time warps which no one else believes. Landing in the land of the lost actually prove his theory right.
But if you are one who happen to turn up in the land of the lost not knowing what really happen. Good luck to you. Do try your best to run away when you see those historic beings, like dinosaurs, even the small ones.
If given the choice, would you rather stay in the land of the lost or go back home to earth?
What do you think Dr Marshall will do if he does get back to prove to the world that his theories are right?
Will he able to return back to earth...
Or will the T-rex whom he criticise of having a brain the size of a walnut managed to eat him up?
If you are looking forward to have a great laugh, go ahead and watch this movie~ I am sure you will enjoyed it as much as I do. XD

I rate this movie a 3 out of 5 star for its storyline.
But for it's humor factor, it's worth a 4 out of 5 star.

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