Christmas Gift Exchange!!!

Hey everyone!!!

I am planning to hold a gift exchange/ Christmas gathering to celebrate the festive season with fellow bloggers! XD

I am proposing to hold this small gathering either on the night of 18th or 19th of December, just before actual Christmas week. Simply because i understand that many of you might have your own celebrations during the actual week itself~ XD

So pls vote and tell me which date is preferable alright?! XD

Ok, I shall move on to the details of the gift exchange so that you guys will have time to do the shopping~ XD


  • BUDGET: $10 to $15
  • The gift have to be unisex since you will not know who will get your presents.
  •  The gift will have to be practical as in useful. 
  • No food items except for chocolates, and since budget is $10 to $15, you can get some good chocolates with that amount. XD
  • Most importantly, no funny items like condoms etc. 


I need to know how many people will be participating in the gift exchange so that i could come up with a fun way in 'exchanging' the gifts.

Hence, please either leave a comment/tag or tweet me to let me know that you're in. So that i could compile the name list, make things easier also~~ XD

Basically, other then this gift exchange, we should be having a nice Christmas dinner of some sort to go with. However, that is still under going planning stages and details will be out at a later date.~ XD 
Meanwhile, RSVP and go shop for your gifts!! XD 

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