World Aids Day Party @ The Supper Club

Attended the World Aids Day Party at the Supper Club on Saturday, 5th Dec~ For your information, the official World Aids Day is on the 1st of December.

Both me and Meldric got tickets from Diana! Thanks for the tickets! XD

I brought along Weijie whereas Mel brought Andy along.

There's a special area specially for bloggers only but we did not stay there~ We wanted the beds but there aren't any available so we hang around in the VIP area for half the time enjoying the music and the ambiance.

The food was great, my favorite was the smoke salmon canape. The prawn one was quite good too. The guys like the carrot cake a lot. Sadly, as my hands were too full with the plate filled with food, no food photos for you all. :P

Drinks are available at the bar but no alcoholic drinks as it's a health promotion board event and there are quite a lot of underage in there. XD


Eating the small mini cakes, by the time i shot that photo, the plate is quite empty already~ XD Buffet area and a self shot~ XD


Cranberry juice that is a tad too sweet for my liking. Disco ball that is quite shaky. For one moment we though it will just drop and land on us~ Haha~


I guess we had the most fun decorating our own mini shirts throughout the whole event~ Haha~ XD


Our shirts!! XD Mel's took the longest to dry~ Haha


The paint glow under the blue florescent light~ XD So pretty! XD

Halfway through, the guys found an empty bed area when they came back from the unisex toilet. So we shift over to the nice cosy comfortable bed area. Oh and about the unisex toilet, the only common area is the basin area where we wash hands. Male cubicles are over at the left while female cubicles are over at the right.


Love the changing lights~


Slacking at the bed area, I swear it's damn comfortable!


I was taking photos of myself while the guys slack at the own respective corners~ Haha~~ Love my ring cause it's cool!! XD


Group photo! Credits to Claudia.
Our own dress code of the day: Black. Nice hor? XD

My thoughts on the event:

I think that the event was great. Good food and good music from the various performers that night. There's even a hourly lucky draw where the prizes are 32GB IPOD Touch, sadly none of us are lucky that night~ Haha. The grand prize was a wii set with the whole guitar hero game! The girl who won it was damn lucky as the first person called wasn't there.

There a t shirt design competition and i think a few was great. In line with that, they gave us mini shirts for us to design ourselves too~ That was the part where we had the most fun.~ XD

Throughout the whole event, there are videos with regards to AIDS played and also trivia about how AIDS is actually spread. There are also graffiti art around that revolve around the theme of the night, " Your Life, Your Canvas".

I think the event did achieve it's purpose in creating more awareness in how AIDS is actually spread and how we could protect ourselves from it. There are too many misconceptions with regards to AIDS and I think that it's important to educate people and change their mindsets about AIDS patients. This is indeed a meaningful event.

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