My Blogging Journey with Nuffnang~~

I joined Nuffnang during July 2008, till now it had already been more than a year.

I have gained a lot of new experience through Nuffnang.

Because of Nuffnang, I met a lot of new friends, fun people and managed to gained a usual group of blogger friends. XD

Nuffnang not only widen my social circle and also enhance the whole blogging experience for me.

Cause of the various contest that Nuffnang held, it motivates me to unleash my creativity in my post. So far, i am most satisfied with the entries that i have wrote in order to win invites to the NNAwards. Out of the two i love my pringles one more over the tour singapore one. XD

Of course, I was really glad when i got invites to the NNAwards itself! It was really a night to remember for life. I can proudly tell everyone out there that i am one of of the 400 over bloggers who attended the event. XD

Group photo with the bunch of blogger friends at the NNAwards.

The group photo with both SG and MY bloggers.

And i was lucky to be able to join the foreign bloggers on the tour all thanks to Nuffnang again! XD

Well, other then the NNAwards, the first big event I have attended was the Vpost/Nuffnang Christmas Party which happened last year december.

At that time, I was still quite shy and don't really know much people yet. But i still make the effort to go around saying hi. Oh and i did joined one of the game and won a prize too! XD Haha~


This was my very first photo with Boss Ming, and of course many followed after this.

Another great event that i was at was the flash mob organized by Nuffnang~

flash mob pics

Not forgetting the Singapore River festival and the party at the Arena too~ XD

Of course, other then the events, there's still the many movie screenings that Nuffnang have organized. Thanks to Nuffnang, i got to watch several movies way before it's official release. XD The most recent one would be The Christmas Carol~ XD


Tell me, how could one not love Nuffnang for all that it offers? From movie screenings to events, and all the fun! Plus through Nuffnang, I met so many wonderful friend! They know who they are~ XD And you seen some of them through the photos i posted in this post~ XD
Nuffnang makes the whole blogging experience more enjoyable and also made my oh so boring life more interesting!

Thanks Nuffnang for all the wonderful things. I expect more exciting things with Nuffnang in 2010 and the rest of the years!! XD

I Love Nuffnang!!

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