The First...

If you don't count first kiss only in relationships, as in kissing bf kind of kiss, then i had mine first kiss quite a few years back.
That kiss was quite memorable and touching. And it's lips to lips. :P

He was my baby nephew and at that time, he was just learning to speak. One day, while i was playing with him, he suddenly kiss me on the lips and called me aunt in chinese for the very first time!! It's like so sweet la, the adorable little thing! XD How I missed him... As he's no longer my nephew... Only for 3 years he was my nephew... Haiz...

I will never forget the adorable baby boy who stole my first kiss away~~ XD

Talking about kisses, won't you think of the all time classic of the Frog Prince?? The frog who will turned into a handsome prince after getting kissed by a princess~~ XD

Now, Disney has took the all time classic story and came up the the long anticipated animation, The Princess and Frog~

Check out the trailer!! 

Looks like a big twist to the classical story! What will happened to the both frogs!!
Find out yourself!!

 “Catch The Princess and the Frog in cinemas 10th December 2009”

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