Sentosa 4D Magix Experience!

Hi there!!

Was invited to Sentosa for a mini adventure on sunday. XD Let me share with you my experience.~

Here's the rides that are waiting for me~~ From left to right, Pirates in 4D, Extreme Log Ride and Desperados~~

 Queuing up to get into the 4D Magix~

Waiting for the pre-show safety video with the 3D glasses~

Watching the video intently~~ XD

 Camwhore with the 3D glasses!

 In the theater, if you see carefully, there are holes at the seats where wind will blow at us during the show.

Overview on 4D Magix (Pirates):

The show was made very realistic with the 3D glasses of course. The story line is fun and as the story goes, the seats will jerk according to the actions in the show. During parts of the show, there will be water shooting out from dunno where, should be the seats, in line with the show. There will also be wind blowing at you from the sides and also the leg area. I kind of got shocked the first time something brush my legs. The sound effects were really good too! XD

 After that, we head over to CineBlast for the next 2 rides.

First up is DESPERADOS! The ride that i look forward most as i love shooting games! XD

Group pic while waiting for our turn.

 My free pass to the ride~ XD

 The Sheriff! Nice guy who explain to us about the ride~

 Preparing to enter~

Handing our tickets over to gain entry~

Hop on the special headless horse~

Guns are in front~

Haha, poser~~ Yar, i talking about myself~

Another one~ XD

All ready to shoot!

 My score! XD Don't play play ok~~ I was 2nd among the rest, first was a guy who's just sitting behind me~ XD

Overview of Desperados:

Basically, we have to shoot the bad guys while riding on the special headless horse in this game. Your hands are basically full, one hand shooting and the other holding on to the horse as it's rocking throughout the whole game. The gun was very easy to use, no need to worry you can't press the trigger.
It was quite easy for me and i could have both hands on the gun due to my good balancing! LOL~ And as you can see from the above photo, your score is shown on the horse you're on. I also like the fact that the gun will vibrate whenever you got a shot, so you won't be confused on whether did you shoot anything at all.
At the end of the ride, the top 3 scorer will be shown on the screen! I personally find this ride very challenging and fun! Enjoyed it alot! XD

After that we head over to queue for the Extreme Log Ride.

In for another round of safety run through.

And posing for the camera! LOL~

There are like tribal pictures that lights up in different LED colors~ Cool~~

 Getting into the cabins and ready for the ride~

Overview for Extreme Log Ride:

The cabin fits 6, two rows of 3. I was seated at the back row and my view was slightly blocked by the people in front. It will be better if the seats behind are slightly higher.
The ride itself was really fun and exciting. It's basically like a simulator but with the 3D effects~ Double coolness. We were literally flying around in the cabin as the movements were really big. It's like i am on a real roller coaster ride~ However, i felt that the ride is slightly too short, would be great if it's longer. :P But still, i enjoyed myself. XD

The staff who attended to us while we are there. They are really very friendly and helpful and also did their best in providing fun for us.

Group photo of the bloggers who are there on the mini adventure~ XD

What's my favorite ride out of the three, you might want to ask me~ It's actually kind of obvious, it's the Desperados~~ I love all sorts of shooting game and this one here is really challenging. And for those who are interested in this ride, i have got good news for you!

Weekend Shoot-Out at High Noon!

Save $4 with the Golden Hour promotion. The shoot out challenge is now more competitive and fun as the cowboy/cowgirl with the highest score of the day will get to bring home a basket of prizes!!

The Golden Hour promotion is going on at every weekend in December!
The hours are from 12pm to 1pm and 6pm to 7pm.

Check out the poster for more details.

Don't miss such a good deal!! Head down to Sentosa the next weekends!!

And if you are too busy to head down to Sentosa during the weekends of December, no fret, there's another good lobang for you!!

Read on to find out more!

Facebook Contest

There are 10 pairs of Sentosa's Tickets to CineBlast "Desperados" to be given away at facebook!

To win, you simply have to join Sentosa 4D Magix's facebook page and post a simple comment on the wall, like the one below:

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There are a total of 10 bloggers but if you support my blog, i believe you will have a higher percentage of winning the tickets! :P

The contest is from now till 31st of December 2009. Winners will be contacted through Facebook message during the first week of January 2010.

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Certain images are taken by yours truly.]

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