X'mas Wishlist but do not apply to X'mas only

Everyone should have a Christmas wish list right? Haha~ Mine came abit late since it's Christmas next week already. But it's ok~~ The wish list does not apply to Christmas only right? Haha~

So here's my list~

  • Instax Mini Films (Fujifilm)

 Either the plain ones,

Hello Kitty ones,

Or the Disney Characters one are fine~~ XD

  • Hello Kitty Jewellery

These are the ones from Poh Heng, mad expensive~ LOL~ Birthday gift maybe? Haha~

  • Photo Printer

This is not a must have but would be nice to have~ Haha~

  • Vivienne Westwood Heels 
Don't you think these heels are so gorgeous?? These are really expensive but i don't really mind inspired ones. :P

 ~Short Pause~
I have a list of different cosmetic items that i want but i shan't bother you guys with those~ haha~


  • A new laptop. Have no idea what model yet, maybe a macbook pro? But i am graduation soon and unless i want to venture into editing videos professionally and all, a windows works fine for me actually. This shall be something i shall slowly save up for after graduation. Cause my laptop is still serving me well. 

  • Star Rings (Chunky type) or any other pretty chunky rings~ XD

This one is real cute!! I like~ haha~

Next is the last item on the list.
  • More MONEY~ 
LOL~ I mean only with more money can i buy all the other stuff i have stated in the list ma~ You think i really expect people to buy for me meh~ LOL~ Maybe one or two kind souls can buy me films so i could take more instant photos?? Haha~~

So what's your wish list?? Remember it does not have to apply to Christmas only~ LOL~ XD

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  1. conan_cat says:

    instant photos? :o wow, a lot of people opt for digicams so that they can upload to facebook instead, now that's something new! :D

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