Princess and The Frog Movie Review

Hey everyone, I have a few movie review that is kind of over due but still, i think i should still write the review.

Got tickets to watch Princess and the Frog few week backs on the courtesy of Nuffnang.

Have always loved movies from Disney and of course all the stories of the Disney Princesses.  The Frog Prince was never a fav of mine but this movie with the twist made me change my mind.

It's no longer the oh so perfect Prince Charming and there's no real Princess in this movie. Just a poor prince and a girl with dreams which later turns into frogs. (I hate frogs actually. :P) Oh not forgetting the singing croc and the firefly who loves the star in the sky. Not forgetting the songs that make the movie great. In all Disney movies, the songs are the best! XD

I guess this is a movie worth watching only if you a fan of Disney movies or you have a young heart. I would have liked this movie so much better if i am a few years younger but i guess i stopped believing in fairy tales already.

But i did enjoy the movie still, and i rate it a 3.5 out of 5 stars. XD

Here's a group photo taken after the movie, credits to Meldric. XD


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