Wild Wild West~


Since young, I never really bothered myself with cowboys kind of stories. However, the game series, Wild Arms(only the first 3) gotten me interested in the stories of the west.

My favorite would be Wild Arms 3, where they bring the 'cowboys' to a whole new level.

Look, they are so much cooler then the usual cowboys/cowgirls right? XD

If I were given a chance to be a Cowboy/Cowgirl for a day, I will definitely want a life like the main characters in the Wild Arms stories. What great adventures they have!!  Plus, I personally am a Marksman in my NPCC days, hence I believe i have the qualities in making a good cowgirl! XD

Of course, in order to be a cowgirl, the very first thing i would definitely need are arms~




Cool pistol right~ I believe this is sufficient for me to survive through a day in the Wild Wild West~~ XD

After getting my pistol, i shall go hunt down some wanted criminals for both the adventure and the money~~ XD Wahaha~


And if anyone dares to get in my way, they will definitely get it from me~ No one mess with me! Wahaha~


Ah, i got some tracks, looks like the wanted guy i am looking for is around in the area. Haha~ That prize money is mine!!


I shall not be reckless and bid my time to make my move~ One must be careful in order to protect oneself. The land of cowboys/cowgirls are filled with danger.


Oh wait! Looks like not only me is after the same wanted man. No way am i letting the prize money land in the hands of others.


Let's show them some girl power~~ I am ready for a shoot-out anytime! Prepare to die under my gunpower!! Muahahahahahahah!! That man is mine and so is the money!


And so, the battle begins~


Of course, with my great aiming skills, no others are of match with me~~ I got my prize money by handing over that wanted criminal to the sheriff.

And then I shall spend the rest of my day at a bar, enjoying bottles of my favorite butterbeer. XD

Wow! Ain't this a great day to spend as a cowgirl? XD

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