The Resolutions for 2010~

It's nearing the end of 2009 very very very soon!! XD

So it's time for the new year resolutions...
Although I hardly follow the resolutions i made for each year... :P

  • Enjoy the last few weeks of school and graduate with flying colors!(This is 100% will be able to make it. XD)
  • Find a part time job to fund myself before I commit myself to a full time job. 
  • Exercise more to keep myself healthy. (Haven been doing so for the longest time.)
  • Embark on a project to post a photo-logs as least once a week. Project #52.
  • Blog more often, at least twice a week. 
  • Go out of the country at least just once!
  • Make things work for whatever I am involved in!

Ok, I think that's it. Cause no point to make one whole long list and end up forgetting about it after like a month right? Haha~ Hopefully this time round, i will be able to achieve all this in the upcoming 2010...

I just remembered something... I will hit the 20 mark in 2010!!!!!!! Gosh.... 
In around 4 months or so... This is scary.. Haha~ 
Maybe this can be one resolution for you all, save up to buy me, Joyce Lim a Birthday present! XD Haha~
My birthday can be found on the sidebar! LOL.

Alright, Ciao now~~ XD

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  1. Very good posting. I just love it.
    Good luck man with your work.

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